How It Works?

Hello and welcome to which is an online educational life lessons course encompassing a series of short video quizzes on (17) different topics with 10-15 questions in each topic to start. This program is designed to build character and engage youth on the importance of modeling good moral character and citizenship. Our course is designed to increase awareness in students about the importance of learning basic Life Lessons on topics such as Accountability, Attitude, Bullying, Cheating, Chores, Confidence, Drugs, Education, Fighting, Friendship, Integrity, Leadership, Lying, Peer Pressure, Respect, Stealing, and Social Media. More life lessons topics like the ones above will be added to our online educational program in the future.

This program is designed to support Fundraising efforts in schools and organizations using our online video quiz tutorial program as a platform.

Fundraising funds are generated by the amount of subscriptions each school or organization sells. The subscription cost for each kid is $20 and provides them with six (6) month access to our program. In return, the school or organization will earn $8 per subscription sold.

Benefits to Schools or any Kid Organizations:

  • 40% Profit to schools or any sponsoring organization
  • No Upfront Costs
  • All advertisements materials ( i.e. posters, banners, order forms) will provided by the MyLifeQuiz Foundation
  • Complete online educational tutorial with video quizzes/answers
  • Software optimized for all mobile, computer, or any I-pads or tablets.
  • Convenient online registration with credit card or cash options
  • Every kid gets a free prize upon registration (slap wristband with company motto engraved on it “Learn Life Lessons and Live Smart.”
  • Timed video quizzes with multiple choice answers
  • Fastest students completing the courses will win the prizes
  • Report access granted to school or organization in excel spreadsheet on the progress of each kid during the Fundraiser
  • Certificate of Recognition Certificates awarded to the kids upon completion of each course available to be printed out by parents/kids online
  • Automatic emails sent to the parents when kids finish a quiz telling parents “Congratulations your child has just finished their quiz on Attitude, tell them to keep up the good work!” for example.
  • Customizable options for questions, answers, and survey questions for each school or any kid organization.
  • Report functionality embedded in software that is programmed to ask survey questions about the programs likeability to kids and the parents
  • Free Trial access to program with current coupon code available to underprivileged kids

Our ultimate mission is to help Parents, help Schools, help Kid’s communicate and under understand the importance of learning basic life lessons. Our goal is to strive to be the #1 Educational Fundraiser for schools or organizations in the Nation!!

So, let’s get your school or organization started on your Fundraiser today. We know will provide students with a much better value in the community than your typical candy and cookie dough fundraisers. So, call us at 1.888.863.9482 or visit our contact us page to submit your request to start your Fundraiser. We will then contact you immediately to show you how you can get started on your Fundraiser Today!!!


Company Motto: “Learn Life Lessons & Live Smart!!