Welcome to the #1 Educational Fundraiser in the Nation. This fundraiser takes your child on a virtual online tour of tutorials on a series of quizzes about life lessons. These life lessons cover topics such as Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Bullying, Friendship, etc. Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Parents-Subscribe for the low price of $20.00! for your online subscription to the tutorial which will remain active for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  2. Students-Start Taking your Life Lesson Quizzes Immediately at your own pace. The school has set a start date and end date for this fundraiser. Quizzes must be completed during this time period to qualify for prizes. Students can use tablets, computers, or phones to do their quizzes.
  3. Students- Earn your Certificates and watch the prizes roll in. Prizes will include but are not limited to Bicycles, Computers, & Cell Phones*

Our Goal is to Help Parents, Help Teachers to Motivate the students to learn life lessons and have fun doing so. The school will receive a portion of the proceeds generated from the purchase of student subscriptions to the life lesson quizzes.

Please complete the order form below and Congratulations on registering your child for this FUNDRAISER! All Parents who register their child will be updated weekly by email on the progress of his/her child’s performance and each child will receive a slap wristband with the company motto on it. "Learn Life Lessons and Live Smart!!"

Registration form

Note: If paying by check or cash, please return order form to the school with the money attached. You can also mail the order form and money to the our office.